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Ball valves for LPG
Home > LPG truck equipment > Ball valves for LPG

Ball valves female thread

  Ball Valves are used throughout fueling systems where a shut-off point is desirable to isolate a section of the piping system. These full-port, forged brass valves feature a manual openclose arm and a quick quarter-turn handle, allowing easy shut down of your AST or UST system. Compatible with gasoline, alcohol fuels, diesel and MTBE. Available with Lockable Handle.
Body: Brass
Ball: Hard chrome plated
Seal: Teflon®
Pressure rated to 41 bar;
Blowout-proof stem;
Chrome-plated brass ball;
Secondary O-ring stem seal;
PTFE seats, thrust bearing and stem packing.
Part # Size WP
BV-012-MS ½ “ F 32 bar
BV-025-MS 1 “ F 25 bar
BV-032-MS 1 ¼” F 20 bar
BV-038-MS 1 ½” F 20 bar
BV-050-MS 2” F 16 bar

Ball valves female thread

Ball valve 3 pieces
TA-Luft: Adler ballvalves
Firesafe: Adler ballvalves
ATEX 94/9 CE: Adler ballvalves
PED 97/23/EC: Adler FP3
SIL: Adler FP3
ATEX 94/9 CE: Adler FP3
Part # Size WP
BV-FA1-015-ST DN15 40 bar PN40
BV-FA1-020-ST DN20 40 bar PN40
BV-FA1-025-ST DN25 40 bar PN40
BV-FA1-032-ST DN32 40 bar PN40
BV-FA1-038-ST DN40 40 bar PN40
BV-FA1-050-ST DN50 40 bar PN40
BV-FA2-065-ST DN65 40 bar PN16/40
BV-FA2-080-ST DN80 40 bar PN40
BV-FA2-100-ST DN100 16 bar PN16

3-way ball valves FA4 (type 'L' and 'Т')

  Three way 90° ball valve "wafer type", full bore, made from round bar, according EN 12516.2; ASME B16.34; ISO 14313; EN 1092-1; ASME B16.5.
Available size from DN 15 to DN 150 in carbon steel and in stainless steel.
With ball "L" type. Chevron ring on stem. Available with o'ring on stem. Available with fire-safe execution according to ISO 10497 API 607. Valves certify in safety system S.I.L. 3.
Part # Size WP
BV-FA4-015-ST DN15 40 bar PN40
BV-FA4-020-ST DN20 40 bar PN40
BV-FA4-025-ST DN25 40 bar PN40
BV-FA4-032-ST DN32 40 bar PN40
BV-FA4-040-ST DN40 40 bar PN40
BV-FA4-050-ST DN50 40 bar PN40
BV-FA4-065-ST DN65 40 bar PN40
BV-FA4-080-ST DN80 40 bar PN40
BV-FA4-100-ST DN100 40 bar PN40
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