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Self-adhesive signals in conformity of ADR regulations for vehicle
Home > ADR signs > Self-adhesive signals in conformity of ADR regulations for vehicle
Dangerous substances for the environment Self-adhesive flammable gases cl. 2 Self-adhesive flammable gases cl. 3 Self-adhesive inflammable gases on contact in wdater cl. 4
BC-99639 BC-99628 BC-99602 BC-99605
Self-adhesive explosive substances cl. 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 Self-adhesive explosive substances cl. 1.4 Self-adhesive explosive substances cl. 1.5 Self-adhesive explosive substances cl. 1.6
BC-99616 BC-99617 BC-99618 BC-99627
Self-adhesive toxic gases cl. 2 Self-adhesive inflammable solid cl. 4 Self-adhesive comburent or organic reroxides cl. 5.2 Self-adhesive spontaneously inflammable substances cl.4
BC-99629 BC-99603 BC-–99636 BC-99604
Self-adhesive radioactive substances category 2, cl.7/B Self-adhesive corrosive substances cl.8 Self-adhesive non inflammable compressed gas cl.2 Self-adhesive general danger cl.9
BC-99611 BC-99614 BC-99601 BC-99615
Self-adhesive fissile material cl.7 Self-adhesive toxic substances cl.6.1 Self-adhesive biological danger and decaying matter cl.6.2 Self-adhesive radioactive substances category 1, cl.7/A
BC-99630 BC-99607 BC-99609 BC-99610
Self-adhesive radioactive substances category 3, cl.7/C Self-adhesive radioactive cl.7/D Self-adhesive signal for transport over 20°C, cl.9 Self-adhesive comburent or organic reroxides cl. 5.1
BC-99612 BC-99613 BC-99624 BC-99625